New Buckenham is an historic market town, now effectively a village, in the Breckland District of Norfolk, England. Surrounded by mixed farmland, it lies some 15 miles (24km) SW of Norwich, 4 miles (7km) from Attleborough and 8 miles (13km) from Diss. Of particular interest and linked to its long history is the layout of streets in a near orthogonal medieval grid pattern.

What - next year’s schedule already? Yes, because photography and handicrafts take time to plan and prepare. So here’s advance notice of two classes:


  1. What a laugh!
  2. A garden you have visited
  3. New Buckenham life
  4. Water`s edge
  5. Glass


  1. A hand-knitted, crocheted, or felted article
  2. A handmade birthday card
  3. A decorated glass item
  4. A wooden toy

We didn’t get many junior entries this year but those we did were particularly good. If you have any suggestions as to what classes would attract children to take part in the next show, we would be extremely interested to hear.

Jimpy Casson

New Buckenham Gardening Group


Members of the New Buckenham Society have been collecting old photos, documents and cuttings of the village for years, now brought together and put on-line for all to see.

You can use the website to move about the village in the past, see what it looked like, who was there and what's been written. The Society is keen to hear from anyone who can lend photos or other material to put on the website, perhaps also histories of the New Buckenham families. Please tell your family and friends with New Buckenham connections.


25 July 2022 Breckland District Council decided to ‘make’ (adopt) the plan.

Breckland’s decision statement confirms that as of 25 July 2022 the New Buckenham Neighbourhood Plan is ‘made’. This means it has become part of the statutory development plan for Breckland and will be used where relevant to help the council decide planning applications within the designated area, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.